Dancewave: Victims of Fraud


Dancewave, a Brooklyn based nonprofit arts organization, was stunned recently to discover they had been the victims of a fraudulent transaction. Their pre-professional youth dance ensemble had  begun making travel plans to Scotland for the 2010 Aberdeen International Youth Festival. They were excited to be the only group from the United States selected to attend. This festival, a once in a lifetime opportunity for Dancewave company members, will be held from July 28th to August 7th and feature youth performances from all over the world, giving participants the opportunity to meet friends from other cultures and introduce them to new ways of thinking and performing.


According to Diane Jacobowitz, artistic director of Dancewave, the company had made travel plans through an airfare consolidator who took more than $8,000 of their money without purchasing tickets. Dancewave is working hard to recover the money. Despite the setback, Jacobowitz says the trip is going to take place as planned, and “no child or parent will lose a penny.”


To help make it possible for all 16 teens to make the trip, Dancewave is accepting donations. To learn more about how you can help, visit and click “Donate to Aberdeen.” When you specify that you want your donation to go towards the Aberdeen trip, S Club Fitness will match 100% of each donation.


Dancewave is on a mission to make performing arts training accessible to New York City’s youth. Most recently, they put together Kids Café Festival 2010: Kids Café Goes to College to show young dancers the possibilities awaiting them when they pursue the performing arts in college. For more info on Kid’s Café and other Dancewave programs visit:

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