Dancers Tackle Suicide Prevention in Train Music Video

As any teacher of high school dancers knows, adolescence can be a confusing and scary time. It's important for students to know where they can turn for help, especially when friends, family members and teachers aren't enough. (Be sure to read DT's story, "Extreme Measures," for advice on spotting signs of distress in teens and how to help them.) In their newest music video, Train sends a powerful message about teen suicide—and they do it through dance.

The band partnered with media company SoulPancake to create “Give It All,” which stars dancers Israel Harris, 16, and Ashleigh Mitchell, 17. In the piece, choreographed by Tani Ohashi and Kelly Bahr, Israel copes with the loss of Ashleigh amid imagery of ashes and hopeful rays of sunlight. In the end, alarming statistics about teen suicide rates appear on the screen. The video was released in May, as part of Mental Health Awareness Month. Its final message urges anyone struggling or who knows someone struggling with thoughts of suicide to contact the Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

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