Dance212: Spring Session

Episode 15: Simone's forté is street jazz—which is what we get to see today! She's funky, sharp and fluid, and she gets to really shake it during Kelsey Fuhrman's BDC class.


Episode 14: Daphne's performance weekend is here, and we see clips from opening night. Even though it looks great, Daphne leaves the night feeling there's room for improvement.


Episode 13: Victoria takes partnering class. Do you have any girls in class who depend soley on the boys for balance? Show them this episode: Victoria talks at length about the strength it takes to pas de deux to perfection.


Episode 12: Today at BDC, Simone takes ballet class with Beth Goheen. Advice for teachers: Watch your students practice petit allegro combinations from the side for an interesting/revealing view.


Episode 11: Peek inside Kay Mazzo's ballet class at SAB. Though it's Ashley's dream to dance with NYCB, she has a list of other companies on her mind. And once again, she shows us her petit allegro strength—I don't know how her long legs carry her that quickly!


Episode 10: Daphne rehearses for a student choreography performance. It's a cool contemporary piece—you can really see the versatility of Daphne's dancing. The choreographer also takes note of Daphne's discipline—she shows up to rehearsals early and is extremely cooperative.


Episode 9: Holy pointe work, Catherine! This week, the ABT JKO student rehearses Flames of Paris for an ABT Studio Company exchange with The Royal Ballet School. Traveling is something that Catherine loves, and is looking forward to touring London when she's there. Click here to watch!


Episode 8: Today, Simone introduces her most influential dance teacher—her mother. Then, we get a glimpse into Nicholas Young's body percussion class. A member of the Off-Broadway show, "Stomp," Young introduces new and challenging rhythms to the Broadway Dance Center class. Simone gives it her all, but can't help but cracking up at her own mistakes.


Click here to watch episode 7: Hop on the subway with Victoria as she goes through her day from Long Island to Manhattan where she attends the Professional Children's School and The School at Steps. We also peek in on her pointe class with Leslie Browne, which Victoria loves because it directly follows ballet technique class. They're already warm and can apply the corrections to her pointe work.


Episode 6: Daphne takes ballet class with Jenny Chiang at The Ailey School. Even though she's in a modern program, ballet classes are a huge part of her schedule, and Daphne is grateful. Click here to watch!


Click here to watch episode 5:  Meet Ashley, a 16-year-old student at The School of American Ballet. Watch this leggy brunette master some tricky petit allegro combinations (and a neat start to a center adage combo) given by the one and only, Suki Schorer. Like Ashley says, Suki can fit almost the entire ballet vocabulary in one class—and NYCB principal Tiler Peck agrees. Read about Suki's legacy at SAB here, in our cover story about her amazing 40-year anniversary with the school.


Episode 4: Is it time to go home? Cause this girl's penché says it's 6-o-clock! In episode four of Dance212: Spring Season, we meet Victoria Grempel, a senior at the Professional Children's School and ballet student at The School of Steps. We see Victoria in class with former ABT principal Leslie Browne and learn that she has her sights set on college. Wonder what this season will bring her! Click here to watch!


Episode 3! "I love dance because of the way it makes me feel," says Catherine Hurlin. "It's extraordinary. It makes me feel like i'm home, and I could do it forever. It just feels right."In episode 2, we meet Catherine, a student at American Ballet Theatre's Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School, who also takes class with and performs with ABT's Studio Company. Here, watch her in Franco De Vita's class. Spoiler alert—amazing close-up on some degagés!


Click here to watch episode 2: "I enjoyed dance, and wanted to do it in college, definitely. But I didn’t want to necessarily make it my career," says Daphne Lee, reflecting on her decision to attend the Ailey/Fordham B.F.A program. But something clicked during the audition, and Daphne discovered she wanted dance more than she knew. "I just realized, I really wanted to go for this. And from there, I had a new mentality. I could see myself doing it everyday." Now a junior at the school, Daphne has taken her potential to its fullest, and on top of her school work, is an apprentice with Ailey II. In her first episode, you watch her in Horton class with Ana Marie Forsythe.


Click here to watch episode 1: Simone, a dancer from Massachussetts is training at Broadway Dance Center. In the first episode, you'll see this funky jazz dancer in Michelle Barber's jazz class. (Barber is also Simone's mentor for the program.) Simone, 20, has had a varied training so far in both the US and Europe—she and her family lived overseas for nine years. Now back in the States, Simone is ready to shine, and has moved to NYC to make her dreams happen.


The sixth season of the web reality series, Dance212 is back! Watch the preview, here. Catch five NYC dancers, studying at Broadway Dance Center, The School of American Ballet, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School at American Ballet Theatre, The School at Steps on Broadway and the Ailey/Fordham B.F.A. program, as they navigate their spring semesters. Watch as they take class, audition for colleges and rehearse for end of the year workshops. Episodes air daily; and every Friday your students can enter a trivia contest to win cool prizes. Visit to meet the dancers and learn more.

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I often teach ballet over Zoom in the evenings, shortly after sunset. Without the natural light coming from my living room window, I drag a table lamp next to my portable barre so that the computer's camera can see me clearly enough. I prop the laptop on a chair taken from the kitchen and then spend the next few hours running back and forth between the computer screen of Zoom tiles and my makeshift dance floor.

Much of this setup is the result of my attempts to recreate the most important aspects of an in-person dance studio: I have a barre, a floor and as much space as I can reasonably give myself within a small apartment. I do not, however, have a mirror, and neither do most of my students.

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If you'd hear it on the radio, you won't hear it in Anthony Lo Cascio's tap classes.

"If I play a song that my kids know, I'm kind of disappointed in myself," he says. "I either want to be on the cutting edge or playing the classics."

He finds that most of today's trendy tracks lack the depth needed for tap, and that there's a disconnect between kids and popular music. "They have trouble finding the beat compared to older genres," he says.

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After the birth of her daughter in 2018, engineer Lisa McCabe had reservations about returning to the workforce full-time. And while she wanted to stay home with the new baby, she wasn't ready to stop contributing financially to her family (after all, she'd had a successful career designing cables for government drones). So, when she got a call that September from an area preschool to lead its dance program, she saw an opportunity.

The invitation to teach wasn't completely out of the blue. McCabe had grown up dancing in Southern California and had a great reputation from serving as her church's dance teacher and team coach the previous three years (stopping only to take a break as a new mother). She agreed to teach ballet and jazz at the preschool on Fridays and from there created an age-appropriate class based on her own training in the Cecchetti and RAD methods. It was a success: In three months, class enrollment went from six to 24 students, and just one year later, McCabe's blossoming Lovely Leaps brand had contracts with eight preschools and three additional teachers.

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