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8 Things Dance Teachers Are Sick of Hearing


Dance teachers—we get you. You put up with a lot, and we stand in solidarity with you as you inwardly roll your eyes at every ridiculous comment and question. Check out our list of things we know you are sick of hearing. Get ready to nod your head and say "That's too real!"

1. "When it says mandatory, is that for everyone?"

2. "We forgot we had a competition this weekend and scheduled a family trip. Can you just re-space the dances even though it's three days away?"

3. "I'm sorry. I didn't know. I don't ever read the emails."

4. "Are performances required for comp teams?"

5. "I didn't have time to sew my pointe shoes before class."

6. "I left my costume in my other bag."

7. "I forgot my dance belt."

8. "Can we get a drink after this?" (Five minutes later) "Can we get a drink after this?"

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