CTFD Honors Joe Lanteri Tonight

Tonight at the Career Transition For Dancers annual gala, Joe Lanteri and the New York City Dance Alliance Foundation will be honored. It’s an honor well-deserved—Lanteri has changed the lives of many competition dancers by raising nearly $20 million in college scholarships. (Dance Magazine is a co-sponsor of one big college scholarship each year. This year’s winner was Sarah Pippin, of CC & Co. Dance Complex.) But Lanteri is so much more than just a benevolent figurehead; he’s a mentor, a source of advice, an inspirational leader and someone you can tell truly cares about the students he gets the chance to meet with NYCDA. Congratulations, Joe!

CTFD provides dancers who are ready to hang up their dancing shoes with career-change support, including education, counseling, funding, health insurance enrollment, housing services and case management.

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