Studio Owners

Calling All Studio Owners

Photo courtesy of Misty Lown

Please join us for a Virtual Town Hall with Misty Lown, owner of More Than Just Great Dancing, an affiliation of 300 studios worldwide, and Youth Protection Advocates in Dance. She's also a dance studio owner of 23 years.

Register here to join the call for Monday, March 30, at 1 pm CST (2 pm, EDT).

The Town Hall, co-hosted by Dance Teacher and Dance Business Weekly, will address steps you can take to protect your business now and in the crucial coming months. Lown will share a snapshot of the state of the industry, introduce a discussion of the most pressing concerns and offer some guidance for studio owners, as you navigate the current challenges and those that lie ahead.

Update: If you were unable to make the call, here is a wrap-up report afterward. You may also find this explanation of the Stimulus useful.

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