Broadway's Holiday Inn Shows Off Jump Rope-Tap Dancing (What?)

While it's not unusual these days for a Broadway show to have its genesis in a movie (see Legally Blonde, Finding Neverland, An American in Paris), Roundabout Theatre's newest show, Holiday Inn, definitely has something going for it besides its Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby origins: tap dancing while jump roping! Sounds incredible—and, frankly, incredulous—right?

But it's a real, live thing. I scrolled across this video, absent-mindedly, while perusing my Facebook news feed and did the online version of the double-take. (The double-scroll?) It's from a musical number that was one of Irving Berlin's big hits in the 1940s, "Shaking the Blues Away."

Whaddya think? Is this inspiring any equally insane pairings for your recital next summer?

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