Ask the Experts: How to Prevent Comp Kids from Switching Studios

Q: Why do some comp kids feel as if they need to leave a studio after a few years? Can I prevent that? I know you can't make or keep everyone happy.

A: There's no way to please everyone, but encouraging your faculty, students and yourself to keep evolving will make for a much happier clientele.

Present your students with frequent learning opportunities, like master classes in genres new to them or with guest teachers, as often as possible—it will keep them motivated.

Often, when students reach high school, they must decide if they want to continue to dance at a serious level or cut back—or even stop dancing, to make time for other extracurriculars. Make things easier for them by keeping track that your senior students aren't dancing too much, on the verge of burnout or without time for any other activities.

The problem is that some studios use social media to make it look like the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. You have to believe in yourself and what you have to offer.

If a student does leave, it's important to let your current dancers know how excited you are about the year ahead and about the great growing opportunities you will enjoy together. I've found that when a spot opens up in a class, someone always fills it.

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