Q: How do you keep track of the latest apps to use in your classroom?

A: Well, as they say, "There's an app for that." For Mac users, an app called Setapp creates a new paradigm for how you find and manage apps. Think of it as the Netflix of computer apps. For a monthly subscription fee, you get access to the latest apps, categorized into 1 of 11 topics—including creativity, productivity and education. You can find apps to help you with writing, blogging and more. You may even find some that you didn't know you needed, which will help you work more efficiently. Setapp makes sure the apps you download are updated and lets you know when new ones come out.

Declutter, for example, is an app found on Setapp that will clean up your desktop and sort your files for you. Workspaces will take apps, files, e-mails and websites—all located in different places in your computer—and create a single place to click and open everything you need for a specific project. Remote Mouse will turn your phone into a mouse for your laptop and allow you to move freely around the classroom while still controlling the music from your phone.

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