Another Day, Another Incredible Lil Buck Video

Does it seem like Lil Buck is everywhere these days? Gliding through museums, dancing to Sia's music in a car commercial, walking along the side of a car in an AirPod commercial. Show biz's hardest working man is now in a video with fellow dancer Jon Boogz, where they're both completely covered in paint, exploring police brutality through dance.

Even if you're not on their side of the political argument, it's impossible not to see the beauty and mesmerizing dance skill that went into this video. It's 2-D in the most incredible way. (Warning: There's some stark imagery near the end, though nothing real.)

Want to see what the process of getting into that paint was like? Check out this behind-the-scenes video with Alexa Meade, the artist who covered Lil Buck and Boogz.

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