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4 St. Patrick's Day Treats to Hand Out in Class This March

Here at Dance Teacher, we never miss out on a chance to help you be super EXTRA for the holidays. This month, we give you recipes to four different St. Patrick's Day treats you might consider handing out in class for your studio's celebration. Your dancers will love the festiveness, and you can use them as bribery for good behavior if you're feeling desperate (guilty 🙋♀️).

Check them out, and let us know what kinds of treats you like to make at your studio for St. Patrick's Day!

Oh, and you're welcome!

1. Rainbow Doughnuts: The First Year

2. Green Velvet St. Patrick's Day Cupcake: Garnish and Glaze

3. Key Lime Pie: All Recipes

4. Grasshopper Pie Lush: Betty Crocker

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