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3 Strengthening Exercises to Correct and Prevent Pronation

Neuromuscular expert Deborah Vogel with Jordan Lazan, right. Photo by Jim Lafferty

By strengthening the intrinsic muscles of the foot and ankle, a dancer can help prevent or correct existing pronation. Having strong intrinsic foot muscles keeps the arches aligned, preventing them from dropping inward.

Here, Vogel shares three strengthening exercises to help correct and prevent pronation. She advises dancers to include these in their cross-training regimen.

Mobilize your ankles. (Step 2)

  • While seated, relevé for 2 slow counts. Hold for 4 counts, and then lower for 4 counts. Be sure to maintain the tension in the TheraBand around your ankles.
  • After lowering your heels, lift your toes off the floor.
  • Relevé again, keeping the toes lifted and maintaining a slight sickle in your feet. Up for 2, hold for 4, down for 4.
  • Repeat both versions of the relevé 5–10 times very slowly.

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