This ABT Principal Just Released a Competition Jazz Music Video—And It’s Amazing

If you haven’t met American Ballet Theatre principal James Whiteside’s alter ego, JbDubs, now is the time. That is because JbDubs just released a music video that pays tribute to competition jazz from the 1990s. (And we know you know exactly what we’re talking about.)

Sometimes it’s better to just show rather than tell, so here goes:

This video led me down an entirely pleasurable rabbit-hole of JbDubs videos, including the wildly popular (um, 3 million views) “I Hate My Job.”

…and also including “The Fanny Bounce,” for which the titles read: “A SUPER PRETENTIOUS FASHION & MOVEMENT FILM,” something I highly appreciated. I also highly appreciated him prancing around in high heels and a fencing mask.

I’m not entirely decided yet on if Whiteside is either highly self-aware and irreverent or completely taking himself seriously, but honestly, I don’t care. Show me all the ballet dancer alter egos!

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