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12 Things Dance Teachers Are Grateful for This Thanksgiving

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It's the month of gratitude, and as dance teachers, we've got A LOT to be thankful for. Amid the tumult and challenges of the world today, there is always dance class, and that alone, my friends, is something to be grateful for.

But of course, class is not the only blessing we're counting today. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we've compiled a robust (though certainly not comprehensive) list of things dance teachers are grateful for.

Check it out, and let us know what other things you're grateful for!

1. Passionate students

Of course, we're grateful for every student, but that's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about the kids who light up when they talk about this magical artform—who care more about performing and connecting than they do about praise and accolades. These dancers are a gift!

2. Parents who get it

Finding a parent who supports their child enough to put in the time and financial resources necessary, yet never pushes them beyond their emotional/physical capacity is rare. Most parents either care too much or too little. A parent who "gets it" is able to find balance. A parent who "gets it" is able to trust you. A parent who "gets it" is a blessing.

3. When all fees are paid on time

Reminding caregivers about tuition, recital or costume fees is exhausting and uncomfortable—collecting them late is downright painful. It's so sweet to discover that everyone paid on time without drama or stress.

4. When kids say the darnedest things

Nothing can brighten a sluggish week quite like a 4-year-old's vocabulary. We all need that added sunshine in our life—thank goodness for it!

5. When your students go on to live their dreams

That's why we teach, isn't it? So our students can leave us and live their goals? How wonderful it is to discover that your dancer booked their dream job on Broadway, or that they got accepted into the college they've always wanted to attend. Knowing that you were part of accomplishing that goal is incredible.

6. When you find the perfect song to choreograph to

Thank goodness the music industry consistently releases dance-friendly work. We don't deserve you!

7. When your student finally applies the correction you've been giving them for weeks

You can almost see a lightbulb go off in their head when they finally understand what you've been trying to convey.

8. Healthy dancers

As much as we try to avoid it, injuries are a bit of an inevitability in this industry. So, if you ever have a time when all of your dancers are healthy, it feels like the greatest accomplishment ever. Be grateful for your healthy kids today. It's not a given, it's a gift.

9. YouTube

Watching viral dance videos on Youtube all day is one of the greater things to ever happen to the dance world. How spectacular that the chance to learn from some of the dance industry's best talent is at the tip of our fingers.

10. Like-minded people

We love reading your comments here and on our social-media pages to hear the perspectives of people who feel the same way about dance that we do. How refreshing it is to be validated in our unhealthy obsession with teaching and developing artists.

11. Dissimilar people

In that same vein, it's wonderful to learn from those who think differently. It's great to see you respectfully discuss and debate teaching ideologies and theories in our comments and on our social-media pages. The world becomes better when we open up dialogue and share our different perspectives with each other.

12. Pointed toes

I mean, can I get an amen??

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