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12 Signs Your Dance Studio Is Actually Your Valentine

Searching for a beau to love on this Valentine's Day, teachers? Look no further than your very own studio. Check out these 12 signs your studio is ACTUALLY your Valentine this year (and every year).👇

1. It's the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning, and the last thing you think about before you go to bed.

"You were always on my mind!" —Willie Nelson

2. You've spent more Friday nights at the studio than you ever have with your significant other.

Who needs love when you've got the space to do a whacked battement into a full layout right here?

3. You check in on it obsessively when you're away.

That video-monitoring system was worth EVERY penny.

4. You bring it up at random times in conversation, because you don't know how to talk about anything else.

"I love your dress! It reminds me of the costumes I just ordered for my mini small group number. Let me tell you all about it!"

5. When your therapist tells you to think of your "happy place," your mind immediately goes to the studio.

It's better than Disneyland!

6. You never judge your studio for its flaws—even when it smells like feet.

"It's OK, babe. You know I love you no matter what."

7. You can always count on the marley floor there to catch you if you fall.

Smacking that floor is the one constant in all of our lives.

8. You have a drawer at the studio where you keep a change of dance clothes/street clothes and extra makeup.

If having a drawer there doesn't mean you're in a committed relationship, I don't know what does!

9. It's seen you cry more times than your actual significant other has.

"Bedazzled costumes are just so hard to work with!"

10. You become irrationally angry when dancers disrespect it.

"Throw your trash away, don't hang on the barres and keep your hands off the mirrors!"

11. It's the first place anyone would look for you if you were ever on a missing persons list.

But really, though.

12. You love it more than pizza and/or anyone you've ever dated. (That's saying something!)

Pizza is a close second, though—let's be honest with ourselves.

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