Step, Skip, Leap

by Karen Hildebrand

Standard Practice

Rima Faber leads the charge for national dance standards.

Back It Up

How backward curriculum design applies to tap class

Vanessa Salgado

How I teach pre-ballet


Trends in stagewear for tiny dancers

Michelle Dorrance

Mastering the art of the tap pickup company

Teachers’ Tools

Up close with Sue Samuels

Rafi Maldonado-López

Music for jazz and music theater

Roll Out

Be your own masseuse.

Enrico Cecchetti

Creator of the Cecchetti method, and why the ballet technique was considered revolutionary

In-House Summer Programs

Create a worthwhile intensive for students who stay home.

Let’s Talk About Debt

Help your students understand college financing.

10 Fixes for a More Competitive Website

A checklist for you and your website guru