The Healing Power of Dance

by Karen Hildebrand

Deborah Wingert

How I Teach Ballet

Dancing to Heal

Martha Eddy’s movement class for breast cancer patients

Force Friends

A sensitive approach for special-needs dancers


Twinkle Toes: Pointe and Ballet Shoes

David Dorfman

Finding the balance between life and dance

Teachers' Tools

Up close with Sarah Reich

Camille A. Brown

Music for modern dance

Get Friendly with Your Fascia

The key to your best dancing body is right under your skin.

Gene Kelly

Changed the face of dance on film

Fine-Tune Your Teaching Language

Why small adjustments make a big difference

Age-Appropriate Anatomy

When and how to bring technical concepts into dance class

What's a College-Bound Tapper to Do?

Tips for making the most of limited opportunities, plus Davis & Elkins College's new percussive dance program

The Dangers of Too Much DIY

Is it time to let go so your business can grow?