The Best of Everything

by Karen Hildebrand

Lifetime Achievement Awardee Franco De Vita

How I Teach Ballet

The Dance Teacher Awards

Congratulations to Jane Carter, Andrea Kramer, Karyn Tomczak and Joan Sheary


Breezy Skirts and Sleek Shorts

Jordan Matter

Making dancers look good

Teachers’ Tools

Up close with Daisy Hobbs

Melanie LaPatin and Tony Meredith


Put Out the Fire

Alleviate unnecessary inflammation

Martha Hill

The champion of dance in higher education

Ladies and Gentleman

Teaching a lone boy in a class full of girls

Developing a Good Eye

The Harkness Dance Festival helps teachers broaden students’ appetite for dance.

Get Your Cha-Chas Out

Collegiate ballroom teams are an option for nondance majors.

The Price Is Right—Right?

How to set and raise prices

2014 Dance Directory

Resources for Your Studio and Dance Career