Current Issue

The Innovators

by Karen Hildebrand

On Thin Ice

Jody Sperling calls attention to the impact of climate change.

You Could Be YouTube Famous

Three choreographers use video-sharing sites to go viral.

Plus: Yes, Emily: Studio owner and Facebook sage

Alberto Del Saz

How I teach the Nikolais/Louis philosophy


Dancewear looks you’ll love both in and out of the studio

Face to Face

A Conversation with choreographer Warren Carlyle

Teachers’ Tools

Up close with Lisa Swenton-Eppard

Marcelo Gomes

Music for classical and contemporary ballet

Your Best Legs

Bowlegged, hyperextended, knock-kneed—or not

Alwin Nikolais

Multimedia pioneer

Sky-High Skills

Training your students to dance in heels

Finding the Patterns

An innovative way to learn math and music with movement

How to Date a College Dance Program

4 ways to make sure you’re making the right match

3 Ways to Make Summer Sales Sizzle

Creative programming can keep revenue running in the slow season.

Current Issue

It’s Never Too Late

by Karen Hildebrand

Jared Grimes

How I teach tap

Reigniting a Passion

Lisa Mara gives nonprofessional adult dancers a place to perform.

Mystic India

A major touring production with a Bollywood focus


Costumes for tots who love the spotlight

Face to Face

A Conversation with Joanie Smith of Shapiro & Smith Dance

Teachers’ Tools

Up close with Amanda Perry

Trae Turner

Music for hip hop/urban contemporary

Boys to Men

Strength training for male dancers entering puberty

Jerome Robbins

Ballet and Broadway genius

On Pointe at Any Age

Considerations for teaching adult ballet dancers

Higher Ground

Three students who discovered aerial—and how it’s impacting their dance careers

Is Your Tax Bill Too High?

Business deductions for studio owners and freelance teachers

Current Issue

A New Breed

by Karen Hildebrand

On Top of the World

How Nick DeMoura became one of the most sought-after choreographers in Hollywood

Nurturing the Gift

Training the new breed of hypertalented young dancers

Blossom Leilani Crawford

How I teach Pilates for dancers


Ballet slippers and pointe shoes

Face to Face

A conversation with dance writer Claudia La Rocco

Teachers’ Tools

Up close with Lirena Branitski

Robyn Mineko Williams

Music to inspire choreography

Finding Your Om

Reap the benefits of meditation.

John Bubbles

The father of rhythm tap

Let’s Go, Team!

5 team-building activities for your competition dancers

Leading a Double Life

Three college grads explain how double majoring shaped their careers.

From “Ho Hum” to “Aha!”

Making bold changes to the way you run your studio

Current Issue

The Career Issue

by Karen Hildebrand

Making Space for Dance

Gina Gibney’s visionary expansion in New York City

That’s What Friends Are For

Two studio owners who forgot they were competitors

Heather Rigg

How I teach commercial jazz


Cool Kicks: Footwear for jazz, tap, hip hop and more

Face to Face

A Conversation with San Francisco Ballet’s Myles Thatcher

Teachers’ Tools

Up close with Amanda Pope

Ellenore Scott

Music for contemporary jazz

Your Best Feet

4 simple steps to great feet

Marie Taglioni

The first Romantic ballerina

Say It, Don’t Plié It

Exercises to help dancers build verbal confidence

3 Reasons to Go for a Dance Education Degree

With 4 tips on how to choose a program

5 Mistakes That Could Be Holding Your Studio Back

And some quick and easy fixes

Current Issue

Jump Start

by Karen Hildebrand

Nancy Bielski

How I Teach Ballet to the Pros

Carrying the Torch

Two teachers who embody the spirit of David Howard

Dance Whisperers

Five dance teachers with superpowers


A spectacular array of tutus

Face to Face

A Conversation with Ailey’s Hope Boykin

Teachers’ Tools

Up close with Kitty Carter

Ronen Koresh

Music for modern and contemporary dance

Surviving Cold and Flu Season

Fact vs. myth

Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno

The creators of butoh

Thinking on Your Feet

Improvisation exercises for tap dancers

5 Reasons to Recommend Community College

Why a two-year option can be a good idea

7 Tips for Doing Discounts Right

How to motivate clients to spend more—without giving away the store

Summer Study Guide

257 programs for you and your students

Current Issue

12 Ways to Honor Yourself

by Karen Hildebrand

Why I Teach

Performers on what they bring to the role of teacher

Expanding the Community

California Institute for the Arts offers the first massive online open course in dance.

Martha Chapman

How I teach ballet for every body


Winter warm-ups: Keep warm when it’s cold.

Face to Face

A conversation with Septime Webre of The Washington Ballet

Teacher's Tools

Up close with Mandy Popavero

Jacob Jonas

Music for cross-genre movement

Girl Talk

How to discuss menstruation with young dancers

Hanya Holm

Bringing German expressionism to America

Put the Fun in Fundamentals

Engaging students at the barre

Study Science, Dance for Fun

Pursuing an academic degree doesn’t mean leaving dance behind.

Same Space, New Revenues

Generating extra income sources for your studio

Current Issue

There’s Nothing Quite Like Being in a Dance Studio…

by Karen Hildebrand

A Return to Classicism

Gelsey Kirkland shares her passionate approach to traditional ballet training.

Recital Roulette

Land on a fresh theme for your annual show.

Troy Powell

How I teach Horton technique


Costume Extravaganza: looks to light up the stage, plus the 2015 Costume Guide

Face to Face

A Conversation with Choreographer Netta Yerushalmy

Teachers’ Tools

Up Close with Diane Newman

Takehiro Ueyama

Music for contemporary

Dancers on the Run

How to safely cross-train

Louis Horst

The musician who molded modern dance

Please Don’t Tap on the Glass

Class viewing policies that work

The Path of Least Resistance

Three dance degree paths and how they affect the college experience

Everything You Wanted to Know About Costumes

Tips, tricks and a timeline

Current Issue

"A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms."

by Karen Hildebrand

Derek Mitchell

How I teach street jazz

Be Our Guest

You’ve invited a famous choreographer to your studio to create a number for your senior dancers. Now what?

It Takes Heart to Win Trophies

Three successful competition studios have one thing in common.


New Takes on Classic ’Dos

Three updated performance styles


Attention-getting costumes

Face to Face

A conversation with Jodi Melnick

Teachers' Tools

Up close with JoJean Retrum

Brooke Lipton

Music for lyrical

Fuel a Day of Dancing

Three pros share their strategies for eating on the go.

Erick Hawkins

Martha Graham’s first male company dancer

Copying Choreography

Drawing the line between inspiration and plagiarism

Bridging the Gap

Helping students make the leap between studio and college

The Best-Laid Plans

Creating a business plan is not just for start-ups.

Competition and Convention Guide

The Judges’ Lament

Choreography trends that judges would love to lose

DT's guide to 102 events





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