Final Pose

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Antony Tudor 1908–1987

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Master of the psychological ballet

Antony Tudor was a British ballet choreographer who introduced the psychological ballet, exploring character development, emotion and subtext. Though Tudor wasn’t a prolific choreographer, his works brought legitimacy and public acclaim … Continue reading

21 Questions, College Edition

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What to ask to find the right college and dance program
Moe Renteria knew she wanted to study modern dance in college. What she didn’t know was that “modern” can be very different from program … Continue reading

Staying Power

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Help students find balance on relevé.
It’s easy to spot a dancer struggling to balance on relevé: Her ankles wobble, her torso shifts and she can’t hold her body in a steady position. But it’s not … Continue reading

Technology: KineScribe

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LabanWriter app for iPad; free in the iTunes store
Are your college students having a hard time understanding Labanotation, the dance notation system? Now you can present Labanotation in a format they’re familiar with: an app. … Continue reading

Recommended: Tap Dancing America: A Cultural History

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By Constance Valis Hill; paperback; 441 pages; $29.95
In this comprehensive history of tap dance, author Constance Valis Hill leaves no stone unturned, beginning with tap’s Afro-Irish origins in the mid-17th century and cycling through to … Continue reading