Keeping Boys At Your Studio

February 9, 2005 by

Many male dancers have been laughed at for going to the dance studio rather than the football field, teased for wearing tights onstage or otherwise struggled with the feminine stereotypes associated with dance, ballet in … Continue reading

Marius Petipa

January 17, 2005 by

Marius Petipa (1818-1910) is one of the most significant figures in ballet history. This prolific French choreographer created more than 50 ballets, many of which are audience favorites today. In helping to solidify Russia’s classical … Continue reading

Is a Sabbatical Right For You?

January 16, 2005 by

Like most K-12 dance teachers, your days are full of responsibilities, but what if you could take a break from it all, just for a while? A sabbatical may be just the thing for you!

Next … Continue reading

How to Create an Independent Study Program at your University

January 16, 2005 by

Seventeen years ago, Myra Daleng had been teaching at the University of Richmond in Virginia for three years when two students expressed an interest in learning something that wasn’t in the course catalog: how to … Continue reading

Use Games To Teach Your Youngest Ones

January 15, 2005 by

Teaching dance through familiar childhood games can be a great way to enliven the routine you have already established in your beginning ballet or creative movement class and can make learning fun for young students. … Continue reading

Lesson Plans for Every Month

January 15, 2005 by

-Have students make two or three resolutions detailing their dance goals, whether it’s perfecting switch leaps or developing the strength to do relevé arabesques on pointe without the barre. Meet with each student to discuss … Continue reading