Selecting Age-Appropriate Costumes, Music, and Choreography

August 15, 2005 by

What is age-appropriate and what is not? In many cases, children under 14 are given choreography, music and costuming that may be acceptable for an 18-year-old, but are too suggestive for younger teens.
There is a … Continue reading


August 1, 2005 by

Americans spend more than $13 billion a year on chocolate, proving that while we may be trying to be more health conscious, we just can’t resist the sweet stuff. And, with Charlie and the Chocolate … Continue reading

Buster Brown

May 15, 2005 by

Buster Brown (1913–2002) was one of the last surviving members of the legendary Copasetics, a group of master tappers who came together after the death of Bill “Bojangles” Robinson. An active teacher and performer for … Continue reading

Dance for Special Education Students

May 2, 2005 by

Teaching dance in a K–12 setting means working with students with a wide range of abilities: Not everyone can execute a perfect grand jeté or double pirouette. Adding special education students to the mix is … Continue reading

A Taste of the Real World

April 16, 2005 by

As summer looms, many college dancers are thinking of sun and sand. For some, though, the months of June, July and August present the opportunity to advance their fledgling interests or established passions in dance … Continue reading

Use The Summer To Your Advantage

April 15, 2005 by

We’ve all heard the age-old expression that the three best reasons for being a public school teacher are June, July and August. It makes for great faculty room humor, but about 40 percent of teachers … Continue reading