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Mystic India

April 1, 2015 by

A group of friends who decided to continue dancing after college now run a major professional touring production and more.

“I never anticipated dancing as my career,” says Amit Shah, the founder and creative director of … Continue reading

Reigniting a Passion

April 1, 2015 by

Lisa Mara gives nonprofessional adult dancers a place to perform.
Just four days before opening night, upwards of 150 dancers of all shapes and sizes spill into the aisles of The Boston Conservatory Theater, generating an … Continue reading

Jared Grimes

March 31, 2015 by

How I teach tap
“What do you think about when you count?” Jared Grimes asks his intermediate tap class. The small but focused group begins in a circle in one of Broadway Dance Center’s wood-floor studios. … Continue reading

Blossom Leilani Crawford

March 1, 2015 by

How I teach Pilates for dancers
“Kathy Grant used to say, ‘Let your fingers do the walking,’ like the Yellow Pages ad. I mean, do people even know what the Yellow Pages are anymore?” says Pilates … Continue reading

Nurturing the Gift

February 28, 2015 by

When hypertalented ballet competitors achieve acclaim at a very young age, what is left for them to master? A great deal, according to their coaches.
Aran Bell bounces into the 2011 documentary First Position on a … Continue reading

On Top of the World

February 28, 2015 by

How Nick DeMoura went from “the little cute boy in the crew” to become one of the most sought-after choreographers in Hollywood.
 “It can be a pretty glamorous life,” says 27-year-old Nick DeMoura, best known … Continue reading