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How Beyoncé Won the Super Bowl

February 8, 2016 by

I think it’s safe to say that the past two days have been “The Weekend of Beyoncé.” The day before her Super Bowl halftime appearance, she dropped a new single-cum-video, “Formation,” with choreography by none … Continue reading

What My Teacher Taught Me: Joshua Blake Carter

February 5, 2016 by

When Giordano Dance Chicago’s Joshua Blake Carter was in high school, he took jazz from Emily Yewell-Volin. Years later, he can still vividly recall the time she helped him with a particularly tricky step.

Justin Peck’s New Ballet Has Some of the Most Extravagant Costumes Ever

February 4, 2016 by

On Tuesday night, New York City Ballet’s Justin Peck premiered his first evening-length ballet for the company—a narrative work called The Most Incredible Thing, based on a story by Hans Christian Andersen. And while I haven’t seen much of the … Continue reading

A Citizen Artist

February 3, 2016 by
A Citizen Artist

In our February issue, we hear about how Hofstra professor Robin Becker brought Into Sunlight, her evening-length work about war, to Vietnam.

Choreographer Murray Louis Dies at 89

February 2, 2016 by

Choreographer Murray Louis passed away early yesterday, February 1. He was 89.
After enrolling in one of Hanya Holm’s summer dance sessions at Colorado College, Louis met choreographer Alwin Nikolais. Louis eventually became a soloist with Alwin Nikolais’ … Continue reading

7 Ways to Challenge Your Students to Think on Their Feet

February 1, 2016 by

Sevens teachers offer up ways to challenge students cognitively.