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August 2001

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July 2001

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Paying Tribute to the Piper
Al Gilbert’s more than 50 years of dedication have changed the face of dance education.
High Score
Set the stage for success by finding the right music.
Longing To Teach
Larry Long discusses how the … Continue reading

June 2001

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May 2001

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A Shuffle Above
Tap diva Brenda Buffalino talks about the technique of this ever-changing artform.
Breathe Easy
All the facts on teaching asthmatic students.
Make Some Noise
Learn how to maximize your voice in class.
The Multiple Intelligences & Dance
Eight ways … Continue reading

April 2001

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Get A Grip On Your Next Trip
Organizing a studio trip? These tips will help you get from here to there without breaking a sweat.
Take the Show on the Road
How to keep your annual competition road … Continue reading

March 2001

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Tharp Grows in Brooklyn
Living legend Twyla Tharp puts down roots with her new center.
Exploring New Worlds
Hernando Cortez exudes a passion and compassion that captivates audiences and helps wage the war against AIDS.
Trey Chic
Red hot dancemaker … Continue reading