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It Takes Heart to Win Trophies

October 1, 2014 by

Three successful competition studios that differ in size and location have at least one thing in common.

For studios big and small, attending conventions and competitions is a chance for students to explore beyond the walls … Continue reading

Dancing to Heal

March 1, 2014 by

Martha Eddy has created a movement class to counter the side effects of cancer treatment.

As Melinda Teutschel begins teaching an early afternoon Moving For Life class in Pleasant Hill, California, the dancers stand in a … Continue reading

Graceful Aging

November 1, 2013 by

Cynthia Lucas takes the Marin Ballet beyond 50.
Just 15 miles north of foggy San Francisco, Marin Ballet’s studios are bathed in sunlight on a July morning, with a gentle breeze coming through open windows. Housed … Continue reading

Anyone Can Dance

June 1, 2010 by

Waiting outside my daughter’s dance class at ODC Commons one morning, I heard music from the next studio. First a pop song by Prince, then salsa, hip hop and swing. Intrigued, I walked over to … Continue reading

Books/DVDs: Dance as Fitness

April 9, 2010 by

Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain
by John J. Ratey, MD, with Eric Hagerman
Little, Brown and Company
In a nutshell: A valuable tool for educators looking to establish a dance or fitness program … Continue reading

A Different Breed of Ballet Teacher

January 1, 2010 by

Whether teaching adults or children, pre-professionals or recreational dancers, ballet teachers often look beyond technical rigor to find new ways to help their students achieve mastery. Though their methods may vary—from imagery, to somatic theory, … Continue reading