Q: Though we spend much of our time as dance educators subjectively assessing our students' movement, there are times when we have questions that require specific answers. What apps do you recommend for testing on things like principles of composition, dance history facts and Language of Dance symbols?

A: The latest trend in educational technology is to make this type of assessment a game. A popular app is Kahoot!, which you can use to create a multiple-choice test to project in the classroom. The students answer from their devices and can view the class results (as a whole) in real time. You can add video and pictures, time the questions and share it with other teachers. Quizziz is a similar app that allows students to play at their own pace or at home. Socrative has features best left to older kids, like open-ended questions and team games.

Edpuzzle and Playposit take another approach and allow you to embed questions within a video (from YouTube or one of your own). When students answer, the results show up in real time on your device.

Don't want your students to have devices out? Plickers is a great alternative. With Plickers, students have laminated cards with special symbols on them. You ask the class a question, and then students hold up their cards in a certain direction to designate their answers. As you scan the room using your phone or tablet's camera, your device reads the room—literally—and gives you everyone's answer.

Best of all, all of these apps are free.