June 2014

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Taking Care of Business
by Karen Hildebrand

The Fall and Rise of the Joffrey Ballet School
Turning a founder’s artistic vision into a sustainable business

Beyond the Daddy Daughter Dance
Tapping a valuable source of studio volunteers

Aaron Tolson
How I teach rhythm tap

Pretty and Practical Looks for Teachers

John Heginbotham
Embracing the past—and pushing it away, too

Teachers’ Tools
Up close with Deborah Karp

Erica Sobol

Extreme Measures
Spotting the warning signs to help a troubled teen

Mary Wigman
Choosing expression over technique

One Class Fits All
Designing classes for mixed levels

Living the Dream
Three dancers on how professional opportunities in college helped their careers

Why Noncompetes Rarely Work
Stop operating out of fear—there are better ways to protect your business.