American Dance Festival to Honor Irene Dowd

Posted on January 30, 2014 by
Irene Dowd on Dance Teacher's March 2008 cover

Dowd on Dance Teacher’s March 2008 cover

The American Dance Festival recently announced Irene Dowd (DT March 2008) as the 2014 recipient of the Balasaraswati/Joy Ann Dewey Beinecke Endowed Chair for Distinguished Teaching.

A Juilliard faculty member and anatomy expert, Dowd teaches movement-based anatomy/kinesiology classes to help dancers use their bodies safely and efficiently. She recently shared her knowledge with our readers on topics like core strength and outward rotation. Dowd told DT, “I hope [my students] will go out with a lot more anatomical knowledge. I want them to become their own best teachers, so if they run into difficulties later, they will be able to figure out what to do on their own.”

ADF will present the award on June 15 at Duke University.


Watch the anatomy guru at work: