August 2013

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Editor’s Note: A small adjustment can make a huge difference
by Karen Hildebrand

TaraMarie Perri
How I Teach Yoga for Dancers

Pointe Shoe Primer
Innovations for the 21st century

Shinsplints or Stress Fractures?
Learn to spot the differences between the two.

When to Hold a Student Back
Help the dancer understand your decision.

Face to Face
A Conversation with Joy Womack

Teachers’ Tools
Up Close with Jennifer Archibald

Boundless Enthusiasm
How Arvin Arjona took the Millburn High School dance program from zero to the Orange Bowl in six years

Karole Armitage
Music for contemporary ballet

Kinetic Learning
Three lesson plans to teach science through movement

So You Think You Want to Own a Dance Studio?
Low-risk Studio Start-up Guide

Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn
The parents of modern dance

The season’s best in ballet costumes, classwear and shoes

2013 Music Guide