July 2009

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Editor’s Note: Dance Teacher turns 30 this month!

Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree: Larry the Great
Lawrence Rhodes opens doors at Juilliard with a pluralistic approach and collaborative spirit.

The 2009 Dance Teacher Awards
Congratulations to Teodoro Morca, Bonnie Schuetz, John Giffin, and Ann Shea

Dance Teacher 2009 Dance Directory
Your ultimate guide for everything dance

Bette White Fernandez
Dance Teacher takes a trip down memory lane with our first featured teacher.

Teacher Training
New Jersey SummerDance 2009 program

Jazz looks to get your dancers movin’

Beyond Ballet Basics
New York City-based ballet teacher Kat Wildish mixes it up.

Jazz Dance From Every Angle
A multidisciplinary approach to jazz at Illinois State University

Two’s Company
How to stay healthy while teaching during your pregnancy

Loie Fuller
Special effects visionary

Summer Shape-up
With smart planning, you can prepare your studio for the back-to-school rush ahead of time.