January 2009

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The Pioneers
ABT aims to transform ballet training across the country with
its new National Training Curriculum.

Dance Teachers Plus
Three educators prove it’s possible to juggle studio life and
a second career.

2009 Summer Study & Continuing Education Guide
130+ programs for you and your students

Costumes ready for the bright lights of Broadway

A Cotemporary Vibe
Ashley Canterna shares her music choices for contemporary

The Best of Both Worlds
Spice up your show by going country and rock ‘n’ roll.

Summer Scholars
Help students ace their summer study auditions.

Beat the Winter Blues
Help students get motivated again after winter break with
these inspiring ideas.

A Bronx Tale
Two New York City principals are using dance to improve
academic performance in their schools.

The New Guy
Help male beginners step it up in class.

Anna Sokolow
Modern Dance Choreographer

Letting go
Tips on when and how to dismiss a staff member