November 2008

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Seeing Double
DT chats with Hollywood’s hottest dancing duo, Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo.

2009 Costume Guide
More than 60 stagewear styles for 2009.

Quick Fixer-Uppers
A designer shares simple techniques for customizing costumes.

Costume Call
6 steps to a smooth costume-ordering process

The ABCs of Costume Care
Tips and tricks from the pros on washing, drying and storing your performance wear

Barbara Karinska
Costume couturier

Performance Planner: Imagination Station
Put a dreamy spin on your recital with this theme.

Theatrical Flair
Choreographer, teacher and dancer Joshua Bergasse shares five picks for musical theater.

Daniel Ulbricht
The New York City Ballet principal talks about his latest role—teacher.

In the Swing
Tips for finding the momentum and strength for great jazz jumps

A Common Language
Integrating ESL students into your dance classes

Community Connection
Interested in academia or looking to broaden your reach? Teaching a community college can help.

Going for Ballet Gold
Advice on preparing students for the special world of ballet competitions

Menopause Matters
Steps to surviving the symptoms of menopause in and outside the dance studio