August 2007

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The Classic
At 93, Frederic Franklin is still dancing, staging ballets and providing inspiration for generations of dancers.

Learning Long-Distance
Everything you need to know about distance-learning programs

Building Memory
Help your students increase their dance memory with these exercises.

Pre-Class Planning
Tips for getting ready for the new semester

Backward Thinking
When it comes to creating a unit plan, you might want to start at the end.

Planning for Growth
Advice on increasing tuition rates without losing clientele

Dancewear for teachers

Chuck Davis
The African dance pioneer marks his 70th birthday this year and the 30th anniversary of his DanceAfrica Festival.

Mindful Learning
Eric Franklin shares a variety of ways to use imagery in the studio.

A Winning Combination
Balancing competition and recreational dancers

Antony Tudor
A pillar of 20th-century ballet

Performance Planner: Going to the Chapel
Use a wedding tradition to guide your next recital

2007 Music Guide
The latest class and performance music releases from more than 25 companies

The Art of Breathing
Techniques for using breath to improve concentration, endurance, coordination and expressiveness

Waivers 101
A guide to protecting your studio with liability waivers